Ashok Sawhny, a Poet by Choice!
In his own words:

"Is there a purpose, a meaning to our existence? The question arises in and exercises the minds of all of us. Suffering, whether personal or otherwise, becomes the catalyst for man to go beyond the mundane and attempt to understand the esoterics of life. Each man is constantly questioned and to his life, can only respond through sensible living and giving a meaning to his/her life, at every stage. Following the trauma of the Partition in 1947, I completed education at Modern School, New Delhi and St. Stephen's College, New Delhi. Working with Indian Industry till 1977, I then formed Monarch International, trading internationally with offices in several countries. Life as with most is more often than not a roller coaster ride and I have had my share of life's ups and downs. The will to stand up to adversity always comes in handy conjointly with unwavering faith in the doings of the Almighty. Having read both English and Urdu through school and college, poetry and literature have always fascinated me and I started writing, rather late, in December 2006. Two of my books "The Sands of Time" and "As Time Goes By" have been published in London and three more , including one for children titled "Fruit Salad - poems for Children" are due for launch within 2009 . Two books in Urdu are also due for release later this year."

Besides this, his deep interest in music – both classical Western and Hindustani and in the form of Ghazal and films songs has been his constant companion which reflects his alter ego – a music lover.

Writing in agreeably idiosyncratic verse, Ashok Sawhny looks back on the dream world of childhood:

There's a fairy I knew who loved much as I do, your colors,
Your beauty and the rainbows hue,
Flower, O flower where will I find another like you.
From smiling gardens to rolling hills,
Swaying roses and dancing daffodils,
From bud to bloom you are a joy to watch,
By the rivers edge or on the ledge,
By the mountain side, among heather & fern,
I see so much, so much do I learn
Of nature and you, of birds and the dew,
Of the morning sun that awakens you.
The scent of your petals is almost divine
Wish you were mine, only mine,
Alas! You are there for all to share,
Nature's gift for us all everywhere,
Blessings on us you must shower,
Bloom forever O, lovely flower.