Audio Poems
1. A Childs Journey  
2. The Sparrow  
3. Laugh If You Can  
4. The Royal Cat  
5. Slumdog millionare  
6. Twinckle 2 Little Star  
7. How Green Was My Valley  
8. The Tavern Cryer  
9. Kashnir  
10. I am Hungary  
11. The Power of Prayer  
12. The Stars of lahore  
12. Falling In Love  
14. Someone Keep Me Company  
15. Salute to Wommenhood  
16. Freedom  
17. I Toiled up the Mountain Side  
18. Alis in Wonderland  
19. Memory Lane Part 1  
20. Memory Lane Part 2  
21. I Love Paris  
22. The Imparmanence of Life  
23. Physiotherepy for the Mind  
24. An Interpretation of History  
25. Father  
26. God is not Great By Christopher Hichen  
27. Ordinary Lives  
28. The Sands of Time  
29. I am The Wind  
30. A Blind Cry  
31. I See  
32. Mood Indigo  
33. Cold Comfort  
34. A Conversation with God  
35. A Tribute to the Gardians of Our Frontiers  
36. Blade of Grass and Odd  
37. O Land of Mine  
38. Kahin Aur Chal  
39. When the Bell Tolls  
40. The Quest For Conquest  
41. A bit of fun and laughter a  
42. A solilqui  
43. By The River Side  
44. Life Is Real And No Dream  
45. Desiderata  
46. Fighter poem  
47. Let do the things while we still have time Tyrrany of truth  
48. My Tree and I  
49. Umeed Sajaye Baithe Hain Subh Ki  
50. Ordinary people  
52. The quest for conquest  
53. The Tyranny of Truth  
54. The Countryside Tyranny of Truth  
55. The Mirage called reality  
56. The Passion for better  
57. When the bell tolls tidy up  
58. Daaman e dasht o chaman  
59. Go live in the past  
60. Khushi kya ho bande  
61. Let's Befriend Simplicity  
62. Manna  
63. Mazhab hai sab apna apna batao phir jhagde ki baat kya  
64. Sahil naam zahad hi to hai  
65. The Leaf, Charmed By The Waves  
66. Let’s Dissect this Thing called Laughter  
67. The candle of hope and faith  
68. The Clement, English weather  
69. The fairies and I ( a Tete a Tete)  
70. Coax of a smile  
71. Desiderata 4  
72. Heaven mercies and rain of kindness  
73. Humnawayi Ki Marham Hi Bahot Kaafi Hai  
74. Ghaflat Mehangi Padegi  
75. Vendetta  
76. The Ubiquitous Beauty of Silence  
77. The Saga of Light? and Dark  
78. Chord jaaney ki baat mat kijiye kaun kisi ke saath kab talak  
79. Jhagre fitne rakhiye yaro adu ke liye  
80. Koi khwahishen aisi na hon jinka bazaar na miley